12 huge EastEnders spoilers for this and next week

Next week on EastEnders, the Panesar family is left reeling after a shock confession from Ben, there’s an emotional goodbye for Mitch and his brother Avery, plus Stacey gets a surprise invitation.

Here’s a full collection of the 12 biggest moments coming up.

1. Ben punches Kathy


Kathy’s fella Rocky is not happy about the way her son Ben has been treating her lately.

Tempers flare when Rocky gives Ben some harsh home truths about his behaviour.

Ben snaps and tries to punch Rocky, but Kathy accidentally gets hit in the bust-up.

2. Ben has a new admirer


Ben realises that the latest customer at The Arches, James, is someone he went to school with.

Ben, who is still separated from his husband Callum, feels uncomfortable when James starts flirting with him.

3. Tragedy strikes for Mitch and his brother Avery

mitch baker, avery baker and bailey baker in eastenders

Mitch has been struggling to reconnect with his estranged big brother, Avery. Sadly, time is running out for Avery, who has terminal cancer.

Mitch and Avery’s two sons, Finlay and Felix, surprise him with a Caribbean themed party at the laundrette.

However, the happy family celebration is about to take a tragic turn when Avery passes away.

4. Suki welcomes Stacey into the family

suki kaur panesar in eastenders

Stacey is surprised when Suki invites her to a family dinner at the Panesar house.

She’s convinced the disapproving mum is out to get her after discovering the truth about Stacey’s romance with Suki’s eldest son, Kheerat.

But could it be that Suki is actually playing nice for a change?

5. Howie gets evicted

howie danes and kim fox in eastenders

Kim seizes the opportunity to make her living arrangements with Howie more permanent, after her boyfriend gets evicted from his flat.

Kim hopes that Howie will agree to carry on living with her at 20 Albert Square.

6. Dana quits her job

bobby beale and dana monroe in eastenders

Ex-couple Bobby and Dana have another falling out.

Unable to work with him, Dana decides to quit her job at Walford East.

There could already be someone waiting in the wings to replace her when Kim offers Howie’s services to Kathy.

7. Kheerat encourages Callum to help Ben


Kheerat is worried about Ben, as his business partner continues to fall out with his nearest and dearest because of his reckless behaviour.

Kheerat tries to convince Ben’s husband, Callum, to see if he’s okay. Will Callum agree?

8. Ben drowns his sorrows with drink and drugs


Ben is heartbroken to see Callum looking so happy as he heads off on a night out with his one-time fiancée, Whitney.

Having fallen out with everyone else, Ben meets up with James for a drink. One thing leads to another, and Ben takes James to The Arches where the fellas start kissing and taking some drugs.

9. Mitch discovers a family secret


Karen and Harvey encourage Mitch to support Finlay and Felix after their family tragedy.

Finlay and Felix have big plans to send their dad, Avery, off in style.

However, Mitch is about to make a shock discovery about his big brother.

10. Ben makes a shock confession


After Ben gets high and causes a scene at Peggy’s nightclub, Kheerat takes his friend back to the Panesar house to get checked out by his GP sister, Ash.

As Kheerat continues to treat Ben with kindness, Ben’s self-loathing and guilt get the better of him.

Ben drops the bombshell that he is to blame for the murder of Jags in prison last year, leaving the Panesars shocked.

11. Honey is not happy with Jay


Jay enjoys a drunken night out with Lola and Frankie over at Peggy’s.

But his late-night antics land the lad in trouble with his girlfriend, Honey, who’s annoyed when he arrives home drunk.

12. Kathy and Phil fear for Ben

kathy beale in eastenders

Kathy and her ex-husband, Phil, are united in their worry over Ben.

Things get worse when the parents discover Ben has been in a fight, but with who?

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