Angus Young’s Confession About His Late Brother Malcolm

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Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and their family resided at 6 Skerryvore Road in the Cranhill neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland, during the 1950s. Stephen played the piano and accordion, John played the guitar, and Alexander was an accomplished vocalist, bass guitarist, and saxophonist. The Young brothers, who grew up in such a family, became the founding members of AC/DC.

After receiving one guitar lesson from his brother Alexander at age five, Angus Young began playing guitar. He then independently developed his guitar playing. Malcolm, his older brother, was also playing guitar at the time. After relocating to Sydney, Australia in 1963, the Young brothers joined Marcus Hook Roll Band. In 1973, when the two were 18 years old, they formed AC/DC. Malcolm played rhythm guitar while Angus plays lead guitar.

Despite their remarkable success with AC/DC, Malcolm began to experience health issues. Despite being diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage, he received treatment. In 2014, the musician became gravely ill due to dementia. Malcolm left AC/DC to receive treatment, but he retired permanently from the group. Malcolm passed away on November 18, 2017, which was a sad event. After his brother’s passing, Angus Young divulged some information about him in an interview.

What did Angus Young acknowledge regarding Malcolm Young? Angus Young discussed his deceased brother Malcolm Young in his classic Guitar World column, “Let There Be Rock.” He argued that Malcolm is underrated and that Malcolm’s rhythm playing makes AC/DC sound complete. Angus went on to say that he was astounded by Malcolm’s ferocious guitar playing, remarking that he has a distinctive style with a raw and natural sound.

In addition, Angus Young asserted that musicians Malcolm, Steve Cropper, Chuck Berry, and Keith Richards were superior to other artists. According to the guitarist, rhythm playing was more impressive and crucial in a band, and Malcolm’s inspiration kept him on his feet. In 2017, Angus Young told Guitar World the following about his brother.

“Malcolm is vastly underappreciated. I couldn’t ask for a better rhythm player, as he makes the band sound so full. Occasionally, when I observe Malcolm playing, I am completely awestruck by the sheer force of it. With his raw, natural sound, he is doing something much more unique than I.

People such as Malcolm, Steve Cropper, Chuck Berry, and Keith Richards are better than the rest of us at something. I cannot deny that Eric Clapton’s and Eddie Van Halen’s lead work has influenced a large number of guitarists, but rhythm playing is far more impressive and crucial to a band. Malcolm is a tremendous source of motivation for me; he keeps me going.”

In a more recent interview in the year 2020, Angus Young stated that Malcolm Young could perform a guitar solo better than he could because he would create impressive guitar licks. Angus then admitted that whenever he heard Malcolm play guitar, he would wonder how he could play so well. Angus told Guitar World the following in an interview in 2020: “Many individuals were unaware that Malcolm could perform a solo probably even better than I. He had created some excellent licks. When I heard his words, I would always wonder, “How is he doing that?”

As siblings in one of the greatest rock bands, Malcolm and Angus Young shared a unique bond and were profoundly influenced by one another. His deceased brother greatly influenced Angus’ guitar playing style and techniques. The guitarist believed that Malcolm could play solos better than him due to his older brother’s extraordinary talent.

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