Anthony Kiedis’ Life-Changing Moment With Nirvana

In 1990, after the success of their album ‘Mother’s Milk,’ the Red Hot Chili Peppers signed with Warner Bros. Records and hired Rick Rubin as their producer. They then began working on new music and finally released their successful record ‘Blook Sugar Sex Magik’ in September 1991.

On the same day that RHCP released their ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ Nirvana also released their breakthrough album ‘Nirvana.’ Both bands were important figures in the alternative rock scene, and both of these albums brought them huge success. Moreover, Nirvana and RHCP crossed paths in the past.

Following the release of ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ RHCP kicked off their Blood Sugar Sex Magik Tour. Apart from Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins, the tour also featured Nirvana and ended up being a historical event after featuring the three biggest upcoming bands in alternative music as opening acts. Recalling his memories of Nirvana, Anthony Kiedis revealed a life-changing moment about those days.

What Was The Life-Changing Moment That Brought Nirvana And RHCP Together?

Speaking to Howard Stern during The Howard Stern Show in April 2022, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante recalled the time when they shared the same stage with Nirvana. He stated that they felt it was a life-or-death thing because they needed to succeed, and their shows needed to be energetic enough for the fans. Frusciante then claimed this pressure they were under ended up developing their style.

After that, Anthony Kiedis interrupted him and said Nirvana was ‘good’ when they played with them. He then described playing with the rock icons as a life-changer. According to Kiedis, the things Frusciante mentioned were natural, and it was natural for them to have energy, passion, and a live-or-die aesthetic when they first played on stage. Moreover, the singer argued Nirvana also had these things naturally, and they were good at their songwriting, instruments, and chemistry.

During the conversation, John Frusciante said:

“When we were playing together in 88 and 89, when we were still playing in clubs, it felt like a life-or-death thing that we had to succeed at what we were doing. Not just commercially, but our shows had to have energy, our shows had to move people, and people had to be dancing. Our styles were in large part developed because we put ourselves under that pressure of wanting to be good.”

Anthony Kiedis then intervened:

Do you know who was good? Nirvana.

Frusciante said:

“They sure were.”

Kiedis continued:

“When we played with them, they were just good. I mean, that was a life-changer.

Kiedis then elaborated on his remarks:

I feel like some of this is a natural thing. John has a very clear understanding of dynamics. For me, that feeling that John is so beautifully describing was just natural. The first time we ever played, it was just natural to have energy, passion, and a live-or-die aesthetic to everything we did.

But I feel like Nirvana had that naturally as well — they were certainly good at their instruments, songwriting, chemistry, and all that, but they also had combustibility that came with birth, came from God, came from the planets, or something.”

So, Anthony Kiedis believes that their energy and the importance they give to their performances come to them naturally, and Nirvana is no different than them. Moreover, according to the singer, playing with Nirvana during that tour was so impressive that it was a life-changing event for them.

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