At the final Kiss concert, Paul Stanley says there would be “Enough Tears”

Paul Stanley predicted there would be “enough tears to go around” at the end of the final Kiss show, which is expected to take place at some point next year.

The band’s disrupted End of the Road tour has been rescheduled and extended to continue long after its original closing date. In a new interview with Classic Rock, Stanley said Kiss’ last-ever concert would almost certainly take place in their hometown.

Even if I can’t really say it yet, he said, “I think it would be strange if we didn’t end in New York.” The conclusion will so likely occur in New York, I believe. Despite the fact that we lost two years, we remain resolute in our will to fight through to the very end.

When asked about those last moments, he said, “What won’t I feel? This is huge. It feels too much. In addition to the laughter, I’m confident there will be enough tears to go around because it will be so emotionally taxing to comprehend the magnitude of what we’ve accomplished. Stanley made reference to the ongoing discussions regarding co-founders Ace Frehley and Peter Criss making cameo appearances when he said, “It would be great to have Ace and/or Peter participate at some point, if they were interested, and if their requests or demands were realistic and not disruptive to the overall spirit of this tour.”

Gene Simmons, who earlier declared that he will “cry like a young girl” when the final notes play, said of that future night: “I was hoping that Ace and Peter, at least for that, would be among us. The most heartbreaking scenario would be if they decided not to attend. But such is life. I sincerely hope and wish that they would move past the victim’s statement, “Look what happened to me.” No, nothing happened to you. You were the one who made all of these choices.

Hey, this is the last time around, he said, repeating his earlier remarks about having “personally begged” the couple to come back. There are still over 100 cities left. Why don’t you join us in entering the stage? … They replied “no” to that. … More than once.”

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