AVENGED SEVENFOLD Currently Laying Down Vocals For New Album

Singer M. Shadows of AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently tweeted that he is now in the studio recording vocals for the band’s upcoming studio album.

The upcoming AVENGED SEVENFOLD album, which is being produced by Joe Barresi, will be their first since “The Stage” in 2016.

With a 78-piece orchestra, AVENGED SEVENFOLD also just recorded orchestral parts for the upcoming album. Drummer Brooks Wackerman and M. Shadows shared a few photographs from the sessions on social media, noting that the album is “unlike anything we’ve ever released.”

Shadows has also previously stated that AVENEGED SEVENFOLD intends to have Andy Wallace (SLAYER, SEPULTURA) mix the upcoming album in August and release it possibly late in 2022 or early in 2023. “State is fascinating. You may recall that a few years back, we recorded an album. We still haven’t completed it. We took a little time off for things like family, COVID, unusual touring situations, and team changes. We still have one record available from Warner Brothers Records. We’ll be wrapping that record up; I believe May has been blocked off [as the time] when our producer can resume work on it. Andy Wallace will mix it in August.

“And then we’re going to figure out if it’s the first quarter, or fourth quarter, or what we’re going to do. So, the status is that, and then we’re going to be booking tours, put the tickets on sale when the record comes out, and the whole nine yards.”

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