Brian May Releases New Song ‘Floating In Heaven’ Dedicated To James Webb Space Telescope

Queen guitarist Brian May has announced that he released a new song, ‘Floating In Heaven,’ a tribute to the James Webb Space Telescope, on his official Instagram page.

Besides his long career as one of the most celebrated guitar players of rock music, Brian May is also an astrophysicist. Furthermore, he often shares important astronomical events with his followers and celebrates the news from NASA with his fans.

Therefore, it was inevitable for the musician to acknowledge the first images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Though those images are significant to the entire humanity, this was a special event for Brian May as an astrophysicist.

While the Queen icon shares this exciting news with his fans via social media, he decided to do something extra special this time. Brian May announced a brand new song titled ‘Floating In Heaven‘ with Graham Gouldman to honor the first images sent from the telescope to Earth.

Brian May’s words about his new track inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope:

“A clip from our ‘Floating In Heaven’ video, now up there on my YouTube channel, and click on my slink to stream the track. Swipe! For the very first images this wonderful piece of kit has sent down to Earth! Bri”

You can watch the music video below.


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