Brian May says John Deacon was invited several times to rejoin Queen

Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, revealed in an interview with The Express that he and Roger Taylor (Drums) had repeatedly invited the reclusive and retired bassist John Deacon to rejoin the band over the years, but he declined. According to the guitarist, Deacon always claims that he no longer performs this action.

John Deacon was invited multiple times to rejoin Queen, according to Brian May. “Of course we love John, and we always will, but we don’t have any significant contact with him at this time. We must respect his decision to sever the ties and become a private person; he wished to do so. “I do not believe it would be simple for John to return to the arena we inhabit. We’ve asked him several times, but he always responds, ‘That’s not what I do now.’ And we must respect John’s refusal to participate”.

“I believe it would be difficult for him regardless, as a great deal has changed and Roger and I have adapted to a certain extent. We’re still very traditional, but we’re cognizant of different modes of behavior and artistic expression in the present day. Sadly, I don’t believe that will occur. I wish I could say yes, but I don’t believe it would work. Brian May stated, “It’s possible that we could meet in a low-pressure situation, but not in public.”

Since 2004, Roger Taylor has not seen John Deacon. Roger Taylor stated in a 2020 interview with Express UK that John Deacon is a very fragile individual and that the last time he saw him was in 2004. “No, we actually do not. John has intentionally isolated himself from the world. I believe he dislikes making contact with others. I believe he is extremely fragile, and we respect this. However, he is still our business partner in a sense; he is our silent business partner.”

“He enjoys the financial benefits, but he no longer desires any involvement with the music industry. I don’t believe he desires to handle it and all the associated responsibilities. So no, we don’t actually keep in touch.”

“The last time I saw John, I believe, was… We Will Rock You premiered six months previously. One night, he strolled into the bar, where I spotted him. That was the final time I saw him. Probably 2004,” Roger Taylor said. Deacon was a member of the band from 1971 until his retirement in 1997.

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