BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa reveal photos of the private jet they took to Paris

On June 24, Park Bo Gum, BTS’s V, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa departed from South Korea in a private jet to attend the Celine Men’s Summer 2023 Fashion Show.

Yesterday, we reported that the three celebrities will travel together to Paris in a private jet.

On this day, V and Lisa both updated their social media accounts with photos of the private jet that they took to Paris.

While V posted the photos through his Instagram story, Lisa posted the photos as a regular post. Both idols show off their charismas and comfortable yet chic airport fashion as they head out to the fashion show together.

Meanwhile, BTS’s V is garnering attention as this will be his first official solo activity after the announcement of the group’s hiatus announcement. Additionally, many are anticipating seeing his friendship with actor Park Bo Gum who is attending the event with the BTS member.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be attending the Celine event as the luxury brand’s global ambassador. She has gained immense popularity as a member of BLACKPINK and has received global recognition as a solo artist as well.

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