Everything You Need To Know About Alpina’s Incredible Version Of The Toyota Supra GR

The current Toyota Supra is considered by many to have far too many BMW components to even be a Toyota. The sports car is dominated by BMW components in terms of its engine, transmission, and the majority of its interior features. In light of this, designer Abimelec imagined how the Supra might appear if it were modified by Alpina for Hagerty. Yes, the exact Alpina that is in charge of improving and tuning BMW models.

Almost no introduction is necessary for Alpina. It has been improving BMW cars for almost 60 years. Currently, BMW is working to complete a deal that will integrate Alpina, so the future will likely look a little different. Obviously, there is very little chance that Alpina will work on the Toyota Supra, but Abimelec Arellano (also known as abimelecdesign on Instagram) asked himself the same hypothetical question. As absurd as it may sound, his work is quite impressive, especially when you consider that Alpina never provided a version for the actual Z4.

The idea “came about randomly,” the designer claims, “and while it initially seemed like an overused joke, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.” The classic Alpina wheels are the ideal complement to the new body kit, which highlights all the Supra’s sporty features. Not to mention that the traditional Alpina livery of blue with gold stripes fits perfectly. A cool body kit like this will have a significant increase in power, but that’s another story.

The Toyota Supra GR’s Powertrain Is Similar To That Of The BMW Z4

Only the exterior styling distinguishes the Supra from the BMW Z4 as they share the same chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension, rear differential, and electronics. Two engines are available for the model in 2022: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, and a 3.0-liter straight-six engine with a combined output of 382 horsepower and 367 pound-feet of torque. The 3.0-liter engine would be chosen if Alpina updated the Supra, and it could easily boost the overall output to more than 500 horsepower.

Even though we are aware that Alpina has no chance of producing this Supra, perhaps the tuner will be inspired and develop a similar concept for the BMW Z4. It would be about time the tuner gave the Z4 some sort of attention.

An Overview Of What Could Be An Alpina-Rebranded Toyota Supra GR

Why would ALPINA ever produce its own Toyota alternative? It might be that Toyota is actually a BMW. So this would actually never happen and, regardless of what you may hear, it’s an absolute impossibility. Someone, however, decided to create an astonishingly accurate 3D model of what it may look like if ALPINA produced its own version of the Toyota Supra.

The reason for this tongue-in-cheek 3D render is the fact that the new Supra is essentially a BMW Z4 coupe. The Supra and the Z4 share the same chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension, rear differential, and electronics. As much as BMW or Toyota PR people might try to wiggle out of that fact, when pressed, both cars are two very slightly different versions of the same car. But why then would ALPINA make a Supra variant and not a Z4 variant? Well, it wouldn’t. Nevertheless, if ALPINA were to do so for whatever fictitious cause, it might resemble this render.

Sincere to say, this 3D rendering is quite awesome. It makes no sense at all, because it’s taking a very classically German aesthetic and combining it with very Japanese styling (the Supra might be all BMW under the skin, but it’s pure Supra on the outside). The iconic ALPINA wheels are on point, the body kit looks good, its ride height is perfect, and the classic ALPINA blue with gold livery looks good on the Supra.

Abimelec Arellano Tweaks On The Alpina-Supra Design Reignites A Stunning Beauty

The designer modified the Supra’s look by adding an extended front splitter and new side skirts in a body-color. The sports car’s rear also has a new bumper and carbon fiber diffuser, giving it a slightly more intimidating appearance while maintaining that signature Alpina balance. A number of new gold accents and pinstripes that run across the front splitter and down the sides have also been added to the Supra. Additionally, the vehicle has yellow DRLs and headlights and is sporting Alpina-only tightly-spoked wheels.

There are a few different exterior and interior color schemes that have been considered. The most eye-catching contrasts a blue exterior with a white interior, but there are also purple exteriors and purple interiors, dark red exteriors and dark red interiors, green exteriors and tan leather, and black exteriors and dark red interiors. Naturally, Alpina won’t offer a tuning kit for the Toyota Supra directly. It doesn’t even provide a modified version of the BMW Z4, with which the Supra shares a foundation. Unfortunately, Alpina only works on BMWs, not Toyotas, and not even all BMWs, which is a shame because we think this Alpina-tuned Supra looks fantastic.

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