Guns N’ Roses Cancel A Live Show Due To ‘Medical Advice’

Guns N’ Roses members shared some bad news about one of their concerts to their dedicated fans on the band’s official Instagram account. The band stated that they wouldn’t perform in Glasgow due to the doctor’s orders without further information.

GN’R’s 2020 tour, known as The Were F’N Back Tour, began in Miami on January 31, 2020. However, they couldn’t continue their performances due to the global pandemic and the restrictions. Finally, Guns N’ Roses returned to the stage on July 31, 2021, in Hershey, along with Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH as the opening act. Their ongoing concerts were planned to end on December 10, 2022.

Even though the fans were happy about their return after a year, some complained about the frontman Axl Rose’s recent performances on social media. In one of them, they stated that Rose lost his voice and Van Halen was better than him under the comment section of radio personality Eddie Trunk’s Instagram post. The people that joined the concerts didn’t stop criticizing Rose’s vocal capability, which changed over the years.

Recently, GN’R revealed that they had to cancel their Glasgow gig on July 5, 2022, due to illness and medical advice. The band members didn’t share any detail about what happened and whose illness it was. They added that they would work on rescheduling it and wanted everyone to hold on until another announcement. The fans had a theory about that situation, and according to them, the lead singer had problems with his voice and couldn’t recover from them.

Guns N’ Roses’ IG post read:

“Sadly, due to illness and medical advice, GN’R will not be able to perform in Glasgow tomorrow, July 5, 2022. We are working on rescheduling options for this show, so please hold onto your tickets and wait for a further update. We appreciate your understanding and patience.”

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