How Bon Jovi Feels About His Son Dating Millie Bobby Brown

The ‘It’s My Life’ singer and his wife are ecstatic that their son Jake Bongiovi is dating Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things. Jon Bon Jovi is a very supportive parent in regards to his son Jake Bongiovi’s relationship with Millie Bobby Brown. The rising actress is adored by Jon and Jake’s family, who are thrilled to see their son and Millie getting along so well, a source close to the Bon Jovi frontman told HollywoodLife exclusively. “Both Jake Bongiovi’s famous father Jon and his mother Dorothea are very supportive of his relationship with Millie,” the source said.

According to a source close to Jon and Dorothea, they are ecstatic for the young couple and have noticed many similarities between the actress and their son since the beginning of their relationship. The source confirmed, “Many people believe that Jake and Millie are experiencing puppy love and that their relationship will not last, but Jake’s parents know that it can last because they began dating at the same age as Jake and Millie in 1980.”

Jake has not only received his parents’ approval for the Stranger Things actress, but he has also introduced her to his extended family. The entire family of Jake has met Millie, and they all adore her. They could not be happier that he is with such a beautiful, caring, and loving woman, according to the source. Jake was one of four children that Dorothea and Jon had together. Additionally, the couple has a younger daughter, Stephanie, and two additional boys, Jesse and Romeo. The couple has dated for nearly a year, with their first official date occurring in June 2021.

Since their relationship began, Jake has accompanied Millie on a number of noteworthy occasions, including the March BAFTAs and the season four premiere of Stranger Things. In addition to accompanying Millie to red carpet events, Jake and the actress have shared numerous adoring photos of themselves on social media. In June, when the couple attended a Harry Styles concert, she captioned a photo with “Alex performing “Love of My Life” by Harry Styles.”

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