How Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore Caused ‘The Biggest Shame In Rock History’

Ritchie Blackmore is a prolific guitarist and songwriter who rose to fame as the founding member of Deep Purple in 1968 before embarking on a solo career by forming the band Rainbow. During his tenure with the band, Blackmore contributed to the group with his jam-style hard rock sound, complex guitar riffs, and organ sounds.

As a member of Deep Purple, Blackmore made remarkable contributions to the band’s success with his talented musicianship. However, one of his bandmates believed that something Blackmore did ended up causing the biggest shame in the history of rock music.

What Unfortunate Action Did Ritchie Blackmore Take?

After 1971 and the release of ‘Fireball,’ Ian Gillan grew tired of Deep Purple’s workload. This feeling of tiredness was because they didn’t have any holidays for a long time. As a result of his frustration, Gillan began drinking. This addiction negatively affected his relationship with the band, especially with Blackmore.

Following the recordings of ‘Machine Head,’ ‘Made In Japan,’ and ‘Who Do We Think We Are,’ Gillan eventually decided to leave Deep Purple out of exhaustion caused by the heavy workload. Besides, he disliked the album ‘Made In Japan’ and recorded his part for ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ separately from the band.

Gillan and Blackmore had disagreements over music and Deep Purple’s creative direction. In light of these incidents, Gillan decided to leave on June 30, 1973. According to what he said, in 1984, their management pushed them to complete the ‘Who Do We Think We Are’ album and go on a tour without giving them some time to rest.

After Gillan’s departure, Blackmore decided on Roger Glover’s dismissal. So, Deep Purple lost two members during a successful career. In an interview with BBC’s Rock Family Trees, Jon Lord described the pair’s departure as the biggest shame in rock and roll history because they were writing so well at that time.

Jon Lord said the following about Gillan and Glover’s departure:

“The biggest shame in rock and roll. God knows what we would have done over the next three or four years. We were writing so well.”

So, according to Lord, Ritchie Blackmore ended up causing the biggest shame in the history of rock and roll by being a reason for Ian Gillan and Roger Glover’s departure. Still, they are together as the Deep Purple except for Blackmore, who decided to embark on a solo career after leaving the band in 1993.

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