Ipswich drummer to perform at Wembley Stadium with Foo Fighters

Ipswich drumming star Nandi Bushell has announced she will be performing at Wembley Stadium alongside Foo Fighters.

Nandi, who also recently performed at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, will take to the stage at Wembley on September 3 for the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert.

The concert will be in memory of Hawkins, who died in his hotel room in March.

Nandi, who recently received praise from the former First Lady Michelle Obama, has promised to put on the “greatest show in rock history” as she helps pay tribute to the former Foo Fighters drummer.

The youngster also drummed with Foo Fighters in Hawkins’ place last summer.

In a post on Instagram, Nandi said: “Mr Grohl it will be an honour to join you on stage at Wembley Stadium in tribute to my hero and friend the legendary Taylor Hawkins.

It will be the greatest privilege of my life to join Mr Grohl on stage with Pat, Chris, Nate and Rami at @wembleystadium in tribute to my hero and friend. The legendary Taylor Hawkins. We are going to make this show the greatest night in ROCK HISTORY in your honour Mr Hawkins! Thank you @foofighters and @davestruestories for inviting me. #foofighters #taylorhawkins #davegrohl #wembely #wembelystadium

“With these sticks he gave me I am going to rock harder than I have ever rocked in my entire life.

“Our night will be the greatest show in rock history.”

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