Iron Maiden Clarify The Last-minute Cancellation Of Bologna Show

Due to severe weather conditions, Iron Maiden announced the cancellation of their Bologna concert on their official Instagram page. Since their founding in 1975, Iron Maiden has undergone numerous lineup alterations. Following Paul Di’Anno’s departure, the band recruited Bruce Dickinson of Samson to continue the group’s popularity. He left the band at one point but later rejoined it.

Throughout the years, the band has achieved considerable economic success with numerous albums. Their most recent album, ‘Senjutsu,’ was their first release in six years. The album reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, surpassing early hits such as “Powerslave” and “The Number Of The Beast.”

Since the September release of their album, Iron Maiden has been on tour, which began in Croatia. As part of their tour, the band was scheduled to perform in Bologna when the Italian government declared a state of emergency. Therefore, Iron Maiden announced that they were forced to cancel their performance in Bologna owing to hazardous weather conditions and the safety of all attendees.

Rod Smallwood, their manager, expressed regret for the cancellation. He indicated that they are concerned for the safety of anyone who may be affected by the intense lighting and high winds. He added that they would return to perform in Italy the following year and that refunds would be issued for the tickets. The group’s Instagram post regarding the Bologna concert cancellation:

“The Iron Maiden show in Bologna had to be canceled for the safety of the fans, the band, the staff, and everyone else involved owing to extremely poor and dangerous weather conditions, including widespread lightning and high winds.” Maiden manager Rod Smallwood added:

“Both the band and I deeply regret that we were unable to perform for our fans in Bologna last night. As the weather deteriorated, the promoters grew concerned about everyone’s safety and the sustainability of the performance. They conducted additional research and determined that the event must be canceled for safety reasons, which they stated from the stage.

I must add that I entirely agreed with this decision and that it was the proper thing to do in view of the number and magnitude of lightning and high winds in the area, as well as having been informed of what was to follow. We enjoy performing for people here, and the last thing we wanted to do was to not perform. We feel terrible for our supporters who were present, and we fully comprehend and share their dissatisfaction. This performance cannot be rescheduled, but we guarantee our Italian fans that we will come next year.”


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