Is Zendaya pregnant? She breaks silence on her viral pregnancy rumours

Is Zendaya pregnant? She breaks silence on her viral pregnancy rumours

Zendaya has been a hot topic on social media recently for her pregnancy rumours with Tom Holland’s child. Many people believed the story about the Hollywood celebrity pair after a viral trend deceiving people on TikTok transcended social media platforms and led to many more memes and jokes on Twitter.

The Euphoria star is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors. Since they made their relationship public, people have been shipping her and her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland. Zendaya and Tom’s ‘baby’ has sparked a lot of curiosity on Twitter, and fans aren’t sure if the news of Zendaya’s pregnancy is true or a rumour.

People reacted to the “news” on Twitter with false congratulations for Dune actress Zendaya, accompanying videos that showed their true emotions.

Several people echoed the sentiment, “Zendaya only got pregnant to make me jealous tbh.” When @Sammerlammer tweeted the same remark but with a photo of a man sitting in his underpants in a cluttered bedroom, it went viral.

A fan knowing the reality of the news reacted on YouTube news portal, “Their baby would be sooo cute. Can’t wait for it to be real news.” Another one said, “Some people are just horrible! Celebrities already have to deal with so much why do y’all have to go and mess stuff up for them”

The ‘Euphoria’ star takes to Instagram clearing up the speculation as the internet goes wild over the latest TikTok prank. In two honest Instagram posts, Zendaya addressed the misleading allegation that she and boyfriend Tom Holland are expecting their first child. In only three lines, she made it perfectly clear: She isn’t amused by the internet humour.

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter..” She posted an instagram story. “Just making stuff up for no reason…weekly. Anyway, back to filming Challengers.” She added, post gone viral by the fans:

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