James LaBrie Says Led Zeppelin Would Blow The Doors Off Anyone If They Came Out Today

James LaBrie, vocalist for Dream Theater, expressed his admiration for Led Zeppelin in an interview with Metal Wani, stating that the band would have a significant impact on the world if they were released today. Led Zeppelin was regarded as a pioneer of hard rock and heavy metal for the guitar-driven sounds they created in 1968, when they began their musical career. In addition to being influenced by blues and folk music, the band improved album-oriented rock and stadium rock within the music industry.

Throughout its 11-year career, Led Zeppelin’s musical influence was so profound that people of various musical genres are still influenced by it. In addition, the band has impressed rock music luminaries such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rush, and Dream Theatre. James LaBrie stated in a previous interview with Brave Words that he is a Led Zeppelin fan. He expressed his admiration for the band’s musical approach.


In the interview, LaBrie expressed his admiration for Led Zeppelin. “I am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. I am an avid fan of Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, etc. These groups were so iconic in the 1970s. So much of the inspiration came from when I sat down with Paul Logue and said, “I want us to think more about…” If you consider the acoustic end of Led Zeppelin and their organic approach to songwriting, it was still beautiful, it was still powerful, it was still incredibly melodic, and it reached deep within.”

In a recent interview, when asked about his favorite Led Zeppelin album, LaBrie indicated that this was a difficult question to answer due to the band’s consistent success. According to him, from the beginning of their career to ‘In Through The Out Door,’ Led Zeppelin crafted influential songs. Moreover, they were so remarkable that if they were formed in the present day, they would be a formidable force in the international music industry. Jame LaBrie stated, regarding his favorite Led Zeppelin albums:


“I cannot do so. You are cruel to place me there. It contains the first three albums by Led Zeppelin. From my perspective, these guys released their first album, ‘Led Zeppelin,’ in 1968, and their final album, ‘In Through The Out Door,’ 11 years later. When you consider their catalog and what they’ve accomplished in 11 years, it’s remarkable. I’ve always said that if these guys were to come out today, they would destroy everyone on the planet.” You can view Metal Wani’s entire interview below.

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