Jeff Beck And Johnny Depp Release The First Single Of Their Upcoming Album

Jeff Beck shared artwork of him and his fellow musician and famous actor, Johnny Depp, as a part of an announcement on his official Instagram account. Beck revealed that they dropped their single from the new album along with the record’s release date.

As longtime friends, Beck and Depp created and released ‘Isolation’ in 2020. Also, they shared the stage many times. However, the duo hasn’t worked on any new projects until now, and neither Beck nor Depp talked about it because of their busy schedules and the actor’s ongoing problems with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

After the court’s verdict for the defamation trial and Depp won against Heard by convincing the jury that her Washington op-ed about sexual and domestic violence damaged his reputation, Beck announced their first album. Depp wasn’t in the court then because he went to England during the break to spend time with the guitarist. The actor also became his guest of honor for the live performance, which surprised the audience.

Beck and Depp recently shared their first single ‘This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr,’ and the guitarist gave the good news, saying that their fans can listen to it on all streaming platforms. Beck added that they can pre-order their upcoming album entitled ’18’, the duo’s debut album they planned to release on July 15, 2022. More than two hundred thousand people have already viewed the single on YouTube.

The Yardbirds’ icon’s IG post read:

“Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp’s new single ‘This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr’ is available now on all streaming platforms. Don’t forget to pre-order their upcoming album ’18’, which will be released on July 15.”

You can check out the song below.

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