Joel Hoekstra Addresses Whitesnake Fans’ Concerns About Reb Beach

Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra recently shared a post on his official Twitter page after fans’ concern regarding Reb Beach. The rocker explained why Beach had been off the shows and his illness.

David Coverdale formed Whitesnake in 1978, and the band members have changed constantly throughout the years, leaving Coverdale the only stable member. They released their 13th studio album ‘Flesh and Blood’ in 2019 and have been waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be over to tour.

The band is currently touring, but Reb Beach has been absent on the stage for a few shows. Instead of him, Hoekstra is covering his solos for the performances. Although this added stress to the band, the guitarist and Whitesnake seemed happy with their performances.

Still, the fans are worried and want him back onstage, as do his band members. The group hadn’t made an explanation regarding their member’s sickness. Fortunately, Hoekstra recently stated that Beach was under the weather. His last-minute sickness gave the band some stress, but because the show must go on, Whitesnake continued their schedule.

Here is what Hoekstra tweeted about Beach’s illness:

“Tonight Whitesnake rocked Prague, the Czech Republic, along with our friends Europe the band! A little last-minute stress as Reb Beach was under the weather, and I had to cover his solos. But, we gave you our best Prague! The show must go on!”


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