Jon Bon Jovi Records He’s Most Proud Of

Jon Bon Jovi earned his fame and success not only from his incredible vocal skills but also from his songwriting abilities. He was a part of the lyrics of almost every Bon Jovi song. As is often the case, he sent demos to record labels and signed with Mercury Records for his self-titled debut album. Bon Jovi broke new ground with their first two records and debut single ‘Runaway.’ They then continued to release new music, and their third album ‘Slippery When Wet’ brought them worldwide recognition.

Even if the artist’s discography has multiple chart-topping songs, there is one particular song that their fans immediately associate with them. There is usually a song that makes the artist in the industry, that people correlate with the artist, and that people still consider a classic decades later. For Bon Jovi, this song is none other than ‘Livin’ On A Prayer. Of course, their 1995 album ‘These Days’ also had its moment. It seems that ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and ‘These Days’ have a special meaning for the singer.

‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ And ‘These Days’ Are Special For Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi didn’t take long to gain fame since their third album was a huge hit. The success of Bon Jovi’s third album ‘Slippery When Wet’ was further strengthened with the release of the iconic single ‘Livin’ On A Prayer.‘ After five successful studio albums, Bon Jovi released ‘These Days’ in 1995. The album was very well received by fans, especially in Europe and Asia. The record surpassed Michael Jackson’s HIStory on the UK Albums Chart and stayed at the top for four consecutive weeks.

Jon Bon Jovi is also aware of the significant impact that ‘These Days’ album and ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ have had on many people in his forty years in the industry. He stated in a conversation with USA Today that during Covid, he realized that it was the 25th anniversary of ‘These Days.’ Looking through his record catalog over the years, he added that, apart from the album, the song he was the proudest of is ‘Livin’ On A Prayer.’

The singer’s statement about the song and album he’s most proud of is as follows:

“One of the things that happened in the boredom of COVID was I started to listen to a couple of our older records, which I wouldn’t naturally do. Someone said it’s the 25th anniversary of ‘These Days,’ so I thought, ’25 years, my God. I should put that record on.’ So I started doing these joking one-minute record reviews.

Some I love more than I remember, some I hate more than I remember. And yet I look back on the catalog of music, and I’m very proud of it. Are there songs I’ll be remembered for? Sure, your casual reader is going to go, ”Livin’ on a Prayer,’ that’s my life,’ and they’ll go down the litany of hits. But the body of works stands up to me, and that’s pretty cool.”

The song was so successful that it appeared on many TV shows and movies. More recently, it appeared in one of Ms. Marvel’s episodes. Such classics are potent tools for conveying certain emotions in scenes in movies and shows. Bon Jovi with ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ has quite the impact in ‘Ms. Marvel.’ The song appeared in a colorful wedding scene in the show’s third episode, which was a special moment for Bon Jovi fans.

You can listen to ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and ‘These Days’ below.

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