Justin Hawkins Addresses The ‘Consistency’ In Billie Joe Armstrong’s Singing

Justin Hawkins recently subjected Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong‘s voice on his YouTube Channel Justin Hawkins Rides Again. He stated that one needs to have clear and consistent vocals to sing his songs, and Armstrong managed it well.

Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the greatest punk rock guitarists of all time and is well-known as the vocalist of the punk rock band Green Day. Since their debut album in 1990, the band has been a prime representation of the genre. Moreover, they have released songs that became representatives of the genre as they attracted many fans to the genre.

Armstrong’s vocals were and still are appreciated through his music. Green Day released their most recent album, ‘Father of All Motherf*ckers’ in 2019 and are continuing to create and perform to this day. Justin Hawkins took this opportunity to appreciate Billie Joe’s vocals through his singing of their iconic song ‘American Idiot.’

He watched clips from the music video to analyze the Green Day singer’s voice, and he stated that Billie’s voice has a ’70s rock vibe. In his songs, it’s essential to have consistency throughout, and although it is effortless to achieve, it needs specific skills.

Here is what Hawkins stated about Billie’s vocals:

“The production gets posh in that kind of pre-chorus. At least two voices are singing in unison, probably hard penned. There’s another one down the middle, but it gives it a posh 70s radio rock vibe. It’s very easy to achieve, but you have to be a consistent singer to get it sounding like this, where there’s only a subtle beating between the vocals. You can do it probably with a pedal or something, but this sounds authentic to me. It’s a solid, precise vocal. He sings well on this stuff, I think.”

You can watch the video below.

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