Justin Hawkins On Why ‘Powerage’ Is AC/DC’s Best Album

The Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins recently revealed on his YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, that his favorite AC/DC album is ‘Powerage’ since it is a good reflection of the band’s sound.

AC/DC released their fifth studio album, ‘Powerage‘ on May 25, 1978. Although it is not the band’s most popular album, it is among the most appreciated records of the 1970s. Maybe it didn’t move them to worldwide stardom, but the album marked a crucial transitional period in the band’s musical journey. It remains a favorite of many hardcore fans who think it is an underrated classic.

The album didn’t have an outstanding single, yet it featured many solid songs and performances like ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation,’ ‘Down Payment Blues,’ and ‘Riff Raff.’ Critics and fans praised the album for Bon Scott’s signature vocals and Angus Young’s impressive guitar riffs. The record signaled the start of something new and different before they finally broke into the mainstream.

Justin Hawkins is also among the AC/DC fans who know the value of ‘Powerage.’ A follower asked the singer in a recent video about the albums he would listen to repeatedly if he was stuck on a desert island. The rocker said he could choose AC/DC’s ‘Powerage’ since he thinks it perfectly reflects the band’s personality. For Hawkins, it is the best AC/DC record ever that is worth listening to non-stop. Although he initially supposed it was the one where Angus Young’s guitar amp caught fire, he remembered it happened in ‘Let There Be Rock.’

Hawkins’ words on his favorite AC/DC record:

“There are a lot of things that bear repeat listening. I would say probably from the earlier times, there is a particular AC/DC record in which you can hear so much of the personality of the band, and it is ‘Powerage.’ I think it is the best AC/DC one for repeat listening. You hear the imperfections in the recording. If you believe the legends of that record, there is even a guitar solo where the amplifier blew up and caught fire.

So, if you listen very carefully with a good stereo, you might even be able to hear some flames looking around Angus’ amp as he is doing a solo. I would say there are a few AC/DC records that do that for me. ‘Let There Be Rock‘ has a great live feel, with saucy and nasty guitar sounds on there. I think that might be the one where the amp catches fire.”

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