Kirk Hammett Says He Loves How David Gilmour’s Playing Is Understated

Kirk Hammett of Metallica recently discussed Pink Floyd’s epic song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and David Gilmour’s playing on Guitar World. The guitarist stated that he appreciates how unassuming Gilmour is as a musician.

David Gilmour may have been a late replacement for Syd Barrett, but his influence on the band’s sound was indisputable. He has distinguished himself as a meticulous player seeking perfection. The style of David Gilmour is recognized for its melodic tones, expressiveness, and incredible bending. It may be simple to imitate his minimalist approach to the instrument. Nevertheless, it is frequently nearly impossible to replicate the guitarist’s solos in the same soulful manner.

In Pink Floyd, Gilmour contributed numerous impressive solos to the band’s extensive catalog. ‘Comfortably Numb’ is frequently cited as one of the most original and flawless guitar solos in rock music history. ‘Echoes,’ ‘Time,’ and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ are additional Pink Floyd compositions that feature Gilmour’s excellent playing.

Kirk Hammett praised David Gilmour’s distinctive sound while praising his guitar playing. He recalled his performance on the Peter Green tribute show, in which the guitarist performed “Oh Well, Part 2” by Fleetwood Mac with a band assembled by Mick Fleetwood. When Gilmour began playing, they felt as though Pink Floyd was present, which was an insane experience. Hammett stated that he adores David Gilmour’s understated playing because he views it as genuine beauty.

Kirk Hammett on David Gilmour’s guitar playing: “David’s sound is incredible. David performed “Oh Well, Part 2” at the Peter Green tribute concert, and when he began playing and soloing with the band Mick Fleetwood had assembled for the occasion, Pink Floyd appeared in the room. Or, it felt as if Pink Floyd were present. It was ludicrous!

The entire room was transported. We all looked at each other as if to say, “Wow, this is incredible and a real moment!” I appreciate how subdued Gilmour’s playing is because it is subdued. If anything, I could be more reserved, but I often regurgitate copious amounts of notes. I am helpless. It’s the way I am! But David is extremely, extremely understated, and that in itself is a sight to behold.”

Hammett believes that David Gilmour may not perform his guitar works in a flashy manner, but his playing is extremely effective. He considers it a fundamental aspect of Gilmour’s playing and finds his effortless sound to be exquisite.


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