KISS’ Gene Simmons, “There is no other group like AC/DC”

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons praised AC/DC in an interview saying that there is no other group like them in the rock world. Watch the full interview at the end of the news.

In a conversation granted to SiriusXM , the members of Kiss listed the groups that for them have been the best opening acts for the band in the past. Simmons said the following:

“Best set? AC/DC on their first tour. A band that shares the same philosophy, no matter what any other band does, to be original. I’ve said it before, but now it’s truer than ever.”

“A lot of people look the same, act the same and do the same. Every once in a while you see a band like AC/DC. There’s no other band like them. We’d like to think we’re unique in that way too.”

On the other hand, the drummer of the group, Eric Singer added that seeing Rush open for Kiss in 1975 when the Canadian trio presented their second album “Fly By Night” was an unforgettable moment. Paul Slanley adds:

“I think for us, Rush was the most exciting thing”

“The first time they were playing with us was in Canada and John Rutsey was still the drummer. The first album was Humble Pie, it was Zeppelin. […] They were always great.”

Stanley adds:

“AC/DC with Bon Scott when we toured with them. Great. Judas Priest was phenomenal, and Bob Seger got his first gold album on tour with us.”

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