Nancy Wilson Announces Axl Rose Is The New Singer Of Heart

Nancy Wilson recently revealed in an interview with Madhouse News that she plans to hit the road in 2022. Nancy Wilson’s Heart will be the name of her new band. Ann Wilson, her sister, is out! Ann will be replaced on vocals by Axl Rose of Guns n Roses, who will fly back and forth to sing for Guns n Roses, Heart, and a number of other bands. Axl will sing and play all instruments in addition to Nancy on guitar. “He’s literally a one-man band,” Nancy said. “I’m hoping he doesn’t kick me out and start Axl Rose’s Heart.”

Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson formed Heart in Seattle, Washington in 1967. They hit it big with their 1975 classic album, “Dreamboat Annie”. Heart went on to sell over 35 million records worldwide, including approximately 7 albums in Chile. As sisters they have had many feuds and battles over the years.

The last Heart tour had to be cancelled because the sisters could not agree on a band. “I wanted The Go-Go’s to be the backing musicians in our touring band” said Ann and that loser Nancy wanted Led Zeppelin.” The sisters had a major falling out in 2016, and the band disbanded. Ann got into the fight because she borrowed Nancy’s favorite sweater and stretched the neck. “It was completely destroyed by her big bulbous head,” Nancy explained. “Get your own damn sweater.”

Ann Wilson’s Heart. Ann stated that she and Axl Rose are forming their own band, Ann Wilson’s Heart. “It’s going to be much better than Nancy’s band,” Ann predicted, “because she has a black heart and is a b*tch.” That would be a better name for Nancy’s band, The Blackhearts.” “I received a wonderful invitation to be a part of a truly great band,” Axl Rose says in a statement to Madhouse Magazine. “There were so many great songs, it felt new and exciting.” Most importantly, we sounded good together. It was a perfect fit. I can’t wait to get started.” Axl Rose is currently on tour with AC/DC, replacing all members of the band except Angus Young.

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