Relive Queen’s powerful performance of ‘Under Pressure’ from 1986

On what would’ve been Freddie Mercury’s 72nd birthday we thought it only right to celebrate Freddie as he would’ve preferred by enjoying his music and most importantly his performance.

With a new biopic on the way it seems silly to use this article to give Freddie Mercury a detailed depiction of such a full and, at times, painful life. So instead, we thought we’d celebrate Freddie for the performer and enigmatic lead singer he was.

Ok, so we all know that Live Aid performance, we’ve seen the video we’ve heard Bob Geldof say “give uz ya fuckin money” a lot. I mean, a lot, a lot. So instead we went on the hunt for a performance of equal magnitude, equal enthusiasm, equal power. (Though we’ve given you that performance as well, ‘cos we’re nice.

After hours of searching and watching countless videos, we realised something quite quickly: every Queen, and more notably Mercury performance is equally magnificent, equally enthusiastic and always, always equally powerful.

So, with a plethora to choose from, we thought we’d bring you one the best quality and best sounding videos out there because if you have a vocal like Freddie’s – then you have to hear it in all its glory.

This video is from the band’s 1986 tour and their stop in Budapest, Hungary. It makes for a great video not least because of the aforementioned majestic performance, but also because of the brilliant crowd and typical 80’s-ness of everything.

So on a day where we both celebrate the birth of a legend and mourn his too-soon passing, take a seat and watch the master, Freddie Mercury, at work.

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