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Former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth commented on a recent Rolling Stone article about Eddie Van Halen. The musician clarified his point by stating that he believes Eddie Van Halen, not Van Halen fans, was culturally illiterate. In a recent article for Rolling Stone titled “Inside A Superfan’s Secret Friendship With Eddie Van Halen,” former music journalist Blair Fischer revealed his close relationship with the late guitarist during the final five years of his life. According to the legend, Fischer discovered Eddie Van Halen’s purported email address in a public database.

However, he believed this could not be the deceased guitarist because it would be difficult to contact him. He sent an email updating the status of the band’s former bassist Michael Anthony. Surprisingly, Eddie Van Halen was the individual who responded to the email. The journalist knew it was the real Eddie because he sounded very protective of Anthony’s replacement, Wolfgang Van Halen.

It was the beginning of a five-year friendship, and they remained in contact until the guitarist’s death in 2020. Blair Fischer disclosed in the article that Eddie once discussed his relationship with David Lee Roth and criticized him for being only interested in the entertainment aspect of music. According to the late guitarist, Roth desired extravagant performances over the creation of new music.

Fischer asserted that Eddie also stated that Roth disapproved of AC/music DC’s and referred to their fans as “culturally illiterate.” Diamond In a short statement released by the Van Halen News Desk, Dave broke his silence on the matter. The singer stated that he has always admired AC/DC and has never referred to their fans as “culturally illiterate.” Instead, he informed Eddie Van Halen that he lacked cultural literacy.

In his article, Blair Fischer asserted the following: “‘The reason ‘Truth’ took so long to come out is because of Roth, including all the recycled demos,’ he begins. This is why, according to him, the band has only a live album to show for three years of inactivity. Roth, he explains, only desires to perform his “Vaudeville shtick!!”

He continues by stating that Roth is “out of his mind” and has no interest in rock and roll, which makes it nearly impossible to record new music. He asserts that Roth only enjoys “dance music” and “hates bands like AC/DC,” adding that Roth refers to AC/DC fans as “culturally illiterate.” After an extended period of silence, DLR stated: I have always admired AC/DC. I have never stated that the audience of anyone was culturally illiterate. I stated that Ed lacked cultural literacy. God Bless Our Soldiers

In addition to the scandalous statements of former band members, rumors continue to circulate about a potential Van Halen tribute tour, but there has been no official announcement. Jason Newsted, Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth, and Michael Anthony have all commented on the possibility of the tour, but Alex Van Halen has remained silent.


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