Slash confirms the release of a new Guns N’ Roses album

We will have more music. Slash has revealed that the conflicts between the members of Guns N’ Roses have been left behind and it would not be long to wait for new music from the band (with its original members). After the underrated album ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2008, everything presaged the end of GNR. However, the band surprised us by reversing two songs last year and now, according to Slash, the band is preparing a brand new album.

“New Guns material is coming out as we speak, we’ll probably release it until the full album material is done, then we’ll release it on physical. It’s all going great, I enjoy working on this stuff and having a good time making the material. I had no expectations but when Axl and I got back together, we really got over that kind of negativity that we had been carrying around for years,” Slash revealed to the Consequence portal.

Previously, Slash claimed that the Guns hadn’t even considered writing music seriously. However, according to the statements of the legendary guitarist, the whole problem is a thing of the past. “We’ve had so much fun, and I’m so happy that finally, after all those years of negativity, we got over it and were able to play together again,” added Slash.

What do Guns N’ Roses mean?
The band led by Axl Rose is the result of the merger of two groups: LA Guns and Hollywood Rose, which is how the name Guns N’ Roses came about and, shortly after, became one of the most important rock bands.

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