The 10 greatest Def Leppard songs

Ask your dad if he’s a Def Leppard fan, and he’ll probably respond: “They were better than Blind Hyena!” And then he’ll probably show you his copy of Hysteria, which was tucked away with pressings of The Joshua Tree, Graceland and Brothers In Arms in an effort to remind himself that he was once adolescent au courant.

His French has become a little rusty, and with Brexit on the rise, he’ll likely use it as a way to vacate himself from the pursuit of languages, noting that his time has passed. But he’ll always remember that fresh feeling he felt when he was a young lad, singing along to the words of ‘Love Bites’. It felt like…victory.

Def Leppard might be “Dad Rock”, but dads are allowed to rock: They need their men caves to enjoy Thin Lizzy, or to bellow out the final refrain of ‘I Want To Break Free’, keenly aware that he has to speak for his fellow brethren paying for their children in college. The trials of parenthood.

So, here’s to the fathers of the world. May they continue to rock to ‘Rock of Ages’, may they continue to enjoy their ‘Photograph’s, and know that in the eyes of their children, they will never be ‘Two Steps Behind’. But, and this is a big one, never ask someone to pour sugar on you…leave that one to Def Leppard.


Two Steps Behind


Nine Lives

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Bringing On The Heartbreak

Love Bites



Rock of Ages

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