The Genius of Taylor Hawkins

“What’s it like being the drummer for one of the greatest drummers of the ’90s?”

“Intimidating,” said Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.
But once he found his footing, Taylor become more than just ‘Dave Grohl‘s drummer’ – he became an icon and one of the top rock drummers of all time.
His power and energy were unmistakable. You can’t get bored watching him play. He developed his signature style from influences like Roger Taylor, Neil Peart, Phil Collins, Alex Van Halen and Stewart Copeland. These influences came through in his fills and beats and even made their way onto his kit in the form of rototoms and concert toms.
He may no longer be with us, but Hawkins’ enthusiasm and love for music will live on forever.

Watch tribute video on Drumen YouTube and find out exactly why Taylor Hawkins was our hero


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