The Pink Floyd Song David Gilmour Had Trouble Singing

No matter how talented a musician is or how long they have been in the music scene, they might have difficulty playing that one riff or singing a particular song. As some music acts have pieces that are over ten minutes, it gets more challenging for them to play them in one take without any flaws.

In Pink Floyd’s case, they have many songs that are over ten minutes in length. Besides, their lyrics contain philosophical subjects and symbolic elements, which are serious matters to sing. Hence, one of these songs caused David Gilmour trouble while singing it.

Which Pink Floyd Song Challenged David Gilmour?

On January 21, 1977, Pink Floyd released their tenth studio album ‘Animals.’ This album featured the long-form compositions their previous works also had. Although some critics had unfavorable reviews, ‘Animals’ became commercially successful.

A progressive rock and concept album, ‘Animals,’ touched upon the social-political conditions of Britain in the mid-1970s. The album featured some animal characters, including ‘Dogs,’ which represented fervent capitalists, ‘Pigs,’ which symbolized political corruption, and the ‘Sheep’ representing the exploited.

The 17-minute song ‘Dogs’ appeared on this album. It was initially composed as ‘You’ve Gotta Be Crazy,’ but Roger Waters modified the lyrics and transposed the key to suit his and Gilmour’s vocals, re-titling the result as ‘Dogs.’ Moreover, it is the only song Gilmour sings the lead or receives a co-writing credit in ‘Animals.’

Speaking to Rock Compact Disc magazine for an interview in September 1992, David Gilmour said that ‘Dogs’ was uncomfortable to sing when it was called ‘You Gotta Be Crazy.’ The guitarist stated it contained many words to sing, and he couldn’t handle singing them. According to Gilmour, they cut out two-thirds of the song’s words to make it possible for him to sing.

David Gilmour told Rock Compact Disc magazine the following:

“Once in a while, I would find something uncomfortable to sing. The first lot Roger wrote for ‘Dogs’ when it was called ‘You Gotta Be Crazy’ was just too many words to sing. ‘Dogs’ had so many words I physically couldn’t get them in. We just cut out two-thirds of his words to make it possible rather than impossible.”

Below, you can listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Dogs.’

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