The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards Recalls His Most Embarrassing Public Moment

In the BBC series ‘My Life As A Rolling Stone,’ guitarist for the Rolling Stones Keith Richards revealed some interesting details about himself, including the fact that the most embarrassing thing he ever did was go to the movies. In the contemporary rock music scene, the Rolling Stones are one of the most prominent bands. The band was formed in 1962, making them one of the most popular and enduring bands of the mainstream rock era. The Stones, despite their ages, are still eager to define what it means to rock and roll.

As the Stones’ guitarist and co-principal songwriter, Keith Richards achieved worldwide fame. His songwriting partnership with rock legend Mick Jagger remains one of the most successful ever. Due to his skill as a musician, Richards is a prominent member of the scene.

Keith Richards is an introvert, despite being the guitarist for one of the most famous rock bands. Additionally, his extensive substance abuse contributed to this. Patrick Simmons of The Doobie Brothers claims that Richards’ heavy drinking and drug use significantly contributed to his introverted personality. During the second episode of ‘My Life As A Rolling Stone,’ Keith Richards stated that he was uncomfortable in large groups and couldn’t go to a movie theater because he felt so humiliated. He reflected on his drug use, explaining that he used heroin to cope with fame and pressure.

Keith Richards stated the following in the second episode of “My Life As A Rolling Stone”. “I suppose in a way you become shy of things, crowds, and other things, because I can’t go to the movies, to the theater, anymore. On occasion, I have never felt more embarrassed in my entire life. I’ve probably ruined the entire film for everyone, right? I become timid in this situation, do you know? And this comes along with fame and all of this nonsense.”

He continued by discussing his drug use: “I believe I used heroin to cope with fame and pressure, as it is one way to escape. I would not suggest it to anyone. However, it is a matter of personal preference, and I dunno, it’s a rough old world, and sometimes you need something to numb the pain. And the ride is probably not worth it.” Keith Richards appears to be an introvert despite his constant presence in the limelight with the Rolling Stones. Additionally, Richards does not advocate drug use to anyone.


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