The Song Axl Rose And Sebastian Bach Sang Together After 13 Years Of Resentment

Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose‘s friendship goes back many years. This pair supported each other and came together a few times to produce successful works. Rose became a part of Bach’s third solo release ‘Angel Down’ in 2007. He contributed to the songs ‘Back in the Saddle,’ ‘(Love Is) a Bitchslap,’ and ‘Stuck Inside’ by writing and performing.

Axl Rose has been known for conflicts with many names in the music scene, including his bandmates in Guns N’ Roses. Although his friendship with Bach wasn’t about disputes, there was an estrangement between the two in the past. Despite not having major verbal spats, the pair cut off communication for more than ten years. This alienation was again related to Rose’s issues with his bandmates.

Sebastian Bach And Axl Rose Cut Each Other Off

Axl Rose had some problems with the artists from the music scene, and these issues went beyond verbal quarrels. He also had many conflicts with his bandmates, especially Duff McKagan and Slash. So much so that these feuds caused Slash and McKagan’s departure from Guns N’ Roses in the mid-90s. These disputes got more prominent in the 2000s with the involvement of Scott Weiland and went as far as mutual humiliation.

Sebastian Bach was in the middle while all these conflicts were going on. As he stated in a past interview, Bach worked with McKagan in a group back in those days. Whichever side Bach supported in these disputes, the other person got angry with him. The rocker said he was friends with both and did not want to bother either.

Regarding his position amid the GN’R dispute, Bach explained:

“I just played with Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum in a band called the Rock n Roll Allstars with Gene Simmons and Joe Elliott. I’m also friends with Axl, and I don’t want to piss off either side. When I stick up for Axl, Duff gets mad at me. When I stick up for Duff, Axl gets mad at me. It’s totally true.”

Bach was caught in the middle of these long arguments as he was friends with McKagan and Rose. This situation deteriorated his relationship with Rose. However, the estrangement between Bach and Rose ended in the early 2000s.

Sebastian Bach And Axl Rose Broke The Ice

Sebastian Bach joined Axl Rose in performing during the warm-up show of Guns N’ Roses in New York in May 2006. The duo sang the band’s 1987 song ‘My Michelle’ a few times together during the shows. Bach performed the same song with the group at their Pre-Download Festival in London. During the show, Rose introduced Bach to the audience, saying that they became friends again after 13 years.

Bach took the stage with Axl at several festivals in June and September of the same year. Later, Bach became the opening act for the ‘Chinese Democracy Tour’ of Guns N’ Roses between 2009 and 2010. In Quebec City, he sang ‘My Michelle’ again with the GN’R singer. The pair rekindled their friendship with these performances. They continue to support and defend each other from where they left off.


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