The Song Freddie Mercury Wrote For John Lennon

As the majority of Queen fans are likely aware, Freddie Mercury was a singular person with amazing skills. He was misinterpreted by many people who felt he was unusual because they could not understand him. He stood out from other lead vocalists thanks to his vocal range. He distinguished himself from his contemporaries by having a remarkable capacity for blending high and low sounds coherently. He possessed a unique gift.

He was renowned for exclusively discussing his own work. He had a clear goal in mind and hoped to make a big impact with his music. However, John Lennon was the one figure in the field he most respected. Lennon was one of the few people in Mercury’s opinion who had the authority to have an impact on a new generation of musicians. It was difficult for him to comprehend the Beatles icon’s passing because he was such a huge fan. The legendary member of Queen honored the late Beatle by creating a song, which is what he did best.

A song dedicated to John Lennon was written by Freddie Mercury.

On the evening of December 8, 1980, John Lennon, a British musician best known for his work with the Beatles, was shot outside his New York apartment. A bitter Beatles fan who took offense with Lennon’s way of life assassinated him. The music business lost a great musician with his tragic demise. As a Lennon tribute act, Queen performed his classic song “Imagine” while on tour. But Freddie Mercury made the conscious decision to create works that would endure.

Mercury decided to write a song to honor one of his biggest inspirations. ‘Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)‘ was dedicated to the late Beatle. The song was released on May 21, 1982, as part of the band’s tenth studio album titled ‘Hot Space.’ The song is heartbreaking in the way the lyrics portray raw emotion, where Freddie Mercury showcased his realization that John Lennon had indeed passed away.

The singer of Queen also lost away on November 24, 1991, from AIDS-related issues, giving the song a new significance. The song has been routinely performed by the remaining band members during tours as a tribute to both Mercury and Lennon and their legacies.

You can listen to ‘Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)’ below.

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