Tom Jones Remembers Elvis Presley Singing “With These Hands”

Tom Jones, a successful vocalist, recently spoke with Broken Record Podcast and revealed that Elvis Presley sang his song “With These Hands.” Elvis Presley is regarded as one of the most influential figures due to his successful music and acting careers. He was dubbed the “King of Rock and Roll” for laying the groundwork for the genre. Presley’s breakthrough came with the release of his first single, ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ in 1956. Throughout his career, the singer sold over 500 million records.

Presley’s distinct voice, performances, and clothing style ushered in a new era of music. Even today, the effects of his singing technique and dance moves can be seen in other musicians. Despite the fact that he died over 40 years ago, Presley has become a significant influence on upcoming musicians, including Tom Jones. During a recent conversation, Tom Jones recalled meeting Elvis Presley in Los Angeles in the mid-1960s. Jones stated that he used to sing Elvis Presley songs in Welsh clubs. According to the interview, the musician told his friends that one day he would meet Elvis Presley. When Jones went to Los Angeles to discuss a song for a movie, he was later informed that Elvis Presley wanted to meet him. The singer expressed surprise that Elvis knew him.

In his own words, Jones explained: “I went to Los Angeles and met Elvis Presley.” Of course, when I used to sing in these Welsh clubs, I would do Elvis Presley songs. ‘Wow, Tom, you sing that as well as Elvis Presley,’ my friends used to say. ‘Well, I’ll tell him that,’ I said. ‘Ah, come on,’ they said. ‘I have a feeling I’m going to meet Elvis Presley,’ I said. This was my impression. When I went to the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to discuss a song for a film, they told me, ‘Elvis is here today, and he would like to meet you.’ This was in September of 1965, by the way. ‘My God, I had no idea he knew anything about me,’ I exclaimed. The singer stated that he was taken aback when he saw Elvis Presley approaching him, singing his then-new single, ‘With These Hands.’ According to Jones, the fact that Elvis Presley knew about him and was singing his song was an incredible moment for him.

Jones went on to describe the moment he met Elvis Presley: “I went into the set, and he was in a mock helicopter, I think the movie was ‘The Trades Fair,’ with this little girl in this helicopter, and I’m standing in the back of the close-set in this hangar with the Memphis Mafia.” He waved as they stopped filming. I was just standing there when they told me, ‘Elvis is waving at you.’ ‘Oh, really,’ she says. So I waved back, and at the time, I had a song out called ‘With These Hands,’ which was my third single. Elvis Presley exited the helicopter and approached me, singing ‘With These Hands.’ ‘My God!’ I exclaimed. If only the boys back home could see me right now.’ It was unbelievable, surreal.” You can listen to the song and watch the entire conversation below.

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