Watch Guns ‘n’ Roses cover an AC/DC classic at first comeback concert

Guns ‘n’ Roses are back on the road in 2022 and the classic rock outfit kicked off their tour on June 4th with a rare cover of AC/DC.

The Guns ‘n’ Roses tour began at the Passeio Marítimo de Algés in Oeiras in Portugal. Amid a wide-ranging set of classics and lesser-known tracks, one of the standout moments for fans was when the band ventured into a cover of ‘Walk All Over You’ by AC/DC.

The song was sandwiched between ‘Shadow Of Your Love’ and ‘Live and Let Die’ in a mammoth 26-song setlist from the band. You can check out the full setlist from the comeback show below.

It is a mark of Axl Roses’ respect for AC/DC that when he had a chance to front them on tour, he put his usual rock ‘n’ roll antics to one side. “I’d heard a lot of things, but I talked to him one-on-one and he was very respectful to me and the others,” Angus Young recalled.

Adding: “He would listen. We said, ‘Okay, we’ve got to get some rehearsals to get this happening’, and he fully committed and went about it very professionally. He was very respectful. If we were there to do the show, he was there, and he was there at the same time as us, ready to go.”

That tour turned out to be an unexpected success, which helped to herald Guns ‘n’ Roses’ current revival. You can check out their cover below.

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