What A 125 Year Old Guitar Sounds Like Played In Rock N’ Roll

Plays Rock ‘N Roll For The First Time
This guy found a 125-year old guitar in the barn that hasn’t been played in almost a century. It does look well-loved and has plenty of wears which may or may not affect the sound – you’re gonna have to watch the video to see. And you know it’s been through a lot because it has duct tape on it which is pretty sad and heartbreaking to look at. It does look like it’s falling apart though but we still think duct tape isn’t the best solution. Ha.

It’s far from perfect but here’s one interesting fact about it – it has never played rock ‘n roll music. Like, what? So of course, he starts rockin’ it out. We just lost it when he said the case “looks like a coffin”.

Then he starts playing rock ‘n roll – a bit of Neil Young, some Led Zeppelin on there. To be fair, he has serious guitar chops. It would’ve been extra awesome if he sang a little too. But mad respect to him. The guitar is in tough shape for sure but he managed to play decent tunes on it. So maybe we can forgive him for the duct tape.

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