What Did Elvis Presley Do To Overturn The Beatles?

As the two driving forces of the rock genre, the relationship between Elvis Presley and the Beatles was a matter of curiosity that always occupied the press. It is publicly known that Presley’s style of music strongly influenced the Beatles’ members. They admired his musical talent, rebelliousness, and tremendous appeal to women. In the early days of their live performances, the Beatles frequently covered many rock and roll songs made famous by Elvis Presley.

When Beatlemania started to conquer the world in the early 1960s, it also sparked a discussion on whether the King of Rock and Roll or The Fab Four was a more significant phenomenon. No artist had rivaled Elvis Presley in popularity and record sales until then. The two legendary figures only met once, but behind the scenes, they had a complicated relationship. Elvis Presley’s attempt to take down the Beatles also proved that.

What Did Elvis Presley Do To Overturn The Beatles?

In August 1965, Elvis Presley and the Beatles met for the very first and only time in Elvis’ Beverly Hills home. They were both at the height of their fame, so they wanted to keep their meeting private. Although Presley felt threatened by the success of The Fab Four, the Beatles members were quite eager to meet their legend. It started as an awkward meeting since they couldn’t find common ground, but later they began talking about music and playing together, which suppressed the tension.

Despite the seemingly enjoyable evening together, Elvis Presley was not down with the Beatles. It came out in an FBI internal memo in 1978 that the King of Rock and Roll didn’t think very well of the band and had some plans over them. His well-documented meeting with President Richard Nixon in December 1970 confirmed that he offered to become an FBI informant to take down the Beatles.

One major issue between Presley and the group was their political differences. The King was proud of his service in the military, while John Lennon was known for his anti-war statements. Lennon was also under the scrutiny of the American government due to his controversial political stance.

Elvis claimed that the Beatles and their ideology significantly threatened American young people due to their sloppy appearance and enticing music. It remains a mystery whether they were Elvis’ genuine feelings about the Beatles, yet seemingly they were to blame for destroying his version of America in his eyes.

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