When Freddie Mercury Sang An Entire Queen Song In Falsetto

Following the rise of their careers, Queen members have made a massive impact in the music industry with their unique sound and lyrics and electric stage performances. Their wide range of music has made them a household name with songs like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘We Will Rock You,’ and ‘We Are The Champions.’ Their repertoire over the years has made them known as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

The band has released several number-one albums and chart-topping singles worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling music artists. One of the songs topping these charts was ‘Cool Cat,’ from the band’s tenth studio album ‘Hot Space,’ released on 21 May 1982. The track has several unique aspects, including Freddie Mercury‘s vocal choices.

Freddie Mercury Decided To Perform In Falsetto

‘Cool Cat’ would initially feature David Bowie on backing vocals. However, after hearing the final cut with a few brief semi-verbal riffs and hums, Bowie wanted his singing to be taken out of the song just before the album came out. Although the alternative version of Bowie’s vocals appeared on different bootleg recordings, the album version does not have the intended track.

Freddie Mercury and John Deacon wrote ‘Cool Cat,’ and all of the instruments featured in the song, such as guitar, synth, and drums, are played by Deacon, while Mercury played the electric piano. The creation of two close friends and bandmates had another aspect apart from its instruments. Mercury, who has always been known for his vocal range and rhythm, sang the whole song ‘Cool Cat’ in falsetto. Although his live performances saw the frontman perform in falsetto occasionally, ‘Cool Cat’ is an exception to Mercury’s traditional vocal style.

You can listen to ‘Cool Cat’ below.

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