Why Elvis Presley’s Death Remains A Mystery

When it came to the actual details of Elvis Presley’s passing, there was a great deal of deceit behind the scenes. As the new film Elvis by Baz Luhrmann depicts the glamorous life of Elvis Presley through Austin Butler’s critically acclaimed performance, fans can’t help but wonder about the true cause of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s death.


Since 1977, his “cursed” death has been the subject of conspiracy theories. The truth, however, is not as eventful as his controversial life. Here is the tragic account of Elvis Presley’s death. How Did Elvis Presley Die? According to rumors, Elvis Presley passed away on the toilet in his Graceland estate. His death certificate, however, indicates that he passed away on August 16, 1977 at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Ginger Alden, the 42-year-former old’s fiancée, confirmed that the Hound Dog hitmaker died on the bathroom floor.

“As I took in the scene, I stood paralyzed,” she wrote in her 2014 memoir Elvis and Ginger. “Elvis appeared as if his entire body had frozen in a seated position while using the toilet and then fallen forward, in that fixed position, directly in front of it,” she said, adding that the singer’s face was “blotchy and discolored with purple.”

After the musician’s death, three doctors conducted an autopsy: Eric Muirhead, Jerry Francisco, and Noel Florredo. Their findings, however, were not published until two months later. The day after the tragedy, however, Francisco held a press conference in which he stated that Presley had died of a heart attack, but that the cause could not be determined.

There were also hypotheses that his death was the result of a drug overdose. Francisco explained that the only drugs detected were those prescribed by the singer’s personal doctor, Dr. George Nichopoulos A.K.A. Dr. Nick. Later, the toxicology report revealed that Presley’s system contained significant levels of barbiturates, sedatives, depressants, etc. Then, Francisco was accused of lying about the cause of the Jailhouse Rock performer’s death. Many believed that Presley died of an overdose until 1994.

Why Did Elvis Presley Use Prescription Medication? Elvis Presley visited Dr. Nick in 1967 for treatment of saddle sores caused by years of horseback riding. In subsequent years, the singer began to visit the doctor more frequently, this time for a variety of other ailments, including the same sores and insomnia. By 1970, Dr. Nick was a full-time employee of the Tickle Me star. In 1981, the physician disclosed his relationship with the patient, stating that he was “convinced” that the patient required medication. Elvis Presley was a firm believer that there was a remedy for every ailment, according to American Medical News.
“You know how some people will sneeze and think they need a pill, or have a muscle cramp and want relief, or visit the dentist and think they need a painkiller?” He proceeded. “Others are unconcerned.

Elvis believed he required drugs.” Dr. Nick disclosed to the medical board that he prescribed Presley multiple medications, including amphetamines, barbiturates, and sedatives. Due to the fact that barbiturates cause constipation, it was hypothesized that the singer’s straining while taking a number two could have triggered that heart attack.

In 1980, Dr. Nick was charged with 14 counts of prescribing excessive amounts of drugs to 14 musicians, including Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. The jury eventually acquitted him. In 1995, according to E! News, the medical board determined that he “committed gross malpractice and unethical conduct with 13 patients, including Jerry.” A board member at the time stated, “The doctor himself acknowledged that some of his patients were addicts, yet he prescribed them their preferred drug.” That conduct is unethical.

The doctor stated that he “cared too much.” He told The Daily Beast in 2009: “Elvis was so convoluted, and no one can fathom it. After his death, they turned the tables on me and decided I was to blame, despite the fact that I had worked so diligently to maintain order.”

Where Does Elvis Presley Rest? Elvis Presley was laid to rest in his Graceland home on August 18, 1977. To this day, however, many do not believe that he died in that year. According to a conspiracy theory, the artist was a mafia-affiliated FBI agent who went into witness protection. There is insufficient evidence to support the theory, but he had ties to the FBI. The FBI investigated numerous extortion attempts against Elvis Presley, according to government documents. Concerned citizens wrote to the FBI requesting an investigation into Presley’s music and stage performance, but we did not investigate.

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